Recycling Company Fined $65,000 After Worker Suffers Permanent Injury 

July 12, 2017

BRAMPTON, ON - The recycling company that operates glass recycling facilities for Ontario's municipal blue-box collection, deposit return program and the Beer Store pleaded guilty and has been fined $65,000 after a worker suffered a permanent injury caused by running machinery.

On November 3, 2015, a worker was attempting to clear a cardboard jam in a cardboard baler. A baler is a machine used to compress and bundle (or bale) recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics and metal. The materials are made into dense and consistently shaped bales for easy storage and transport. 

Before attempting to clear the jam, the worker did not lock out the machine. The worker put one hand into the machine. The pinch point was not physically guarded, and the worker's wrist became caught behind the ram of the machine, causing a permanent injury.

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