Franco Sgrignuoli

The Working at Heights Safety Training is an essential seminar which is a necessary and legal requirement.  However, I also found this course to be a solid realization that we as Engineering Consultants are exposed to very dangerous work situations.  Our Instructor had great experience and knowledge and is a true expert on the topic of safety.  He made great effort to emphasize some of the more important issues that we may come across in our specific work environment.  This course was a real eye opener, and has changed my perspective of field work and the associated everyday dangers.  The impact of this seminar will be long lasting and will benefit our employees.  I would strongly recommend it to all that may be exposed to heights in the work place.

Franco Sgrignuoli
Senior Associate,

Member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Member of the Building Industry and Land Development Association

Member of the Canadian Home Builders Association

Member of the Ontario Home Builders Association