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At Expert Safety Solutions, we are passionate about creating a strong safety culture and building a strong relationship with our clients.

When you train with us, we are not just checking off boxes – we ensure that your employees walk away with more than a certificate. They walk away with safety practices, habits and an understanding of their importance that last long after your training session ends.

Rick Parsons leads our team with over 40 years of experience as a Safety and Compliance Manager, Transportation Manager, Certified Workplace Health and Safety Member and Safety Consultant. Rick Parsons has an overriding passion for safety in the workplace and the track record to prove it - as a commercial driver, he achieved over 3.5 million miles accident-free!

Rick is a certified and insured Health and Safety Trainer and a member in good standing of several organizations including:

Rick and his team of industry professionals fully believe that on-site, instructor-led training courses result in a more safety-conscious employee or supervisor. Having that engagement in a classroom setting means that your team can have immediate answers to their questions and our team can highlight the scenarios that your employees will face in their day-to-day duties. We connect the training site to the job site with our informative, fast-paced and entertaining training sessions for every workplace, including construction, manufacturing, professional and commercial/industrial enterprises.

Our team is especially interested in keeping young people and new workers safe. We know that this demographic is especially at risk for workplace accidents and regularly conducts Health and Safety Training for various educational facilities. Our clients in the educational industry note that we have an excellent rapport with the students and invite you to visit the testimonials section to read what our clients say about training with us.

More Than Training – Safety Consulting

In addition to our high-quality training services, we are pleased to offer workplace consulting services.

Consultation services offered include Health and Safety Program Assessment, Heath and Safety Policies and Health and Safety Manuals that are customized exclusively for their clients.

Keep Your Workplace Safe With Expert Safety Solutions

Call our office today for a no-obligation review of your current Health and Safety Policies at 289-928-3318 or email us at training@expertsafeysolutions.com

Why We're Different

Expert Instructors

Our team of instructors are experts in practical knowledge and experience. Courses are fast-paced and informative for any workplace.

Less Travel

Why drive to Toronto? We service many areas in Southern Ontario, offering training courses at your location or ours. See our schedule.

More Options

From training employees, public safety seminars, certification and online courses to policy reviews, manuals, site inspections and more.

Trust & Reliability

We're not only certified and insured, we are dedicated to our role in helping to keep workers safe. Safety isn't just our mission, it’s our calling.

Member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Member of the Building Industry and Land Development Association

Member of the Canadian Home Builders Association

Member of the Ontario Home Builders Association